The Adventure Awaits!! (tigrekat) wrote in socalfurs,
The Adventure Awaits!!

I didn't see this posted to the lj group a few months back, but it's coming up:

If you're looking for some more furry stuff at SDCC, it'll be there!
FENEC Adventures (the folks who bring you CaliFur each spring) will be
putting on a special one-day Furry Party after the big convention on
Saturday night (July 16). Nicknamed "CaliFur-Diego", this party is so
large it takes over the main ballroom at a hotel not far from the
Convention Center! Lots of artists show up, and fur-suiters drop in
too (yes we have a place to change). Furry dealers are welcome to set
up and sell from their tables – there's no extra charge! CaliFur
Diego takes place from 8:00 pm until they kick us out at the Horton
Grand Hotel, 311 Island Avenue (corner of 3rd Street, 2 blocks north
of the Convention Center). We're asking $5.00 a person to cover the
room expenses – but this is a donation, not an admission fee! No one
will be turned away because they can't pay.

[Please help us spread the word. Feel free to copy this text onto
other furry mailing lists, news groups, Live Journal friends lists,
where-ever there are furs!]

Garden Grove, CA
FENEC Adventures

Spread the word!

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