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Hello Antherians!We're extending our online registration!As you know, our online registration closed on September 1st. This would be the last time you would have the opportunity to register online, and the last chance you would get to register as a Pharaoh Level member until next year.At least it WOULD have been.You have written to us and made your voices heard. And your biggest request... more online registration time. So, that's what we did!Online registration for Antheria has been extended until September 15. That leaves you 10 more days to register for Antheria online. After that, don't worry. You can still register at the door. But remember, this will be the last opportunity you have to register as a Pharaoh Level member and get a ticket on our celebrity filled yacht cruise!To register for Antheria 2011, go to www.antheria.orgWe'll see you there!
A. Husky Me.

In This Newsletter...

  • RainFurrest Staff Meetings!
  • Pre Registration Closes.
  • Website Updated.
  • Guinness Book of Records Attempt.
  • Hotel.
  • Events Grid Online.
  • Variety Show.
  • Art Show and Art Jam Announcement.
  • Campfire Sing a Long.
  • Artist Alley.

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      Hello Antherians,

    Remember, you have only three weeks left to register online for Anthria!
    After that, we can only accept registrations at the door. And don't
    forget, Pharaoh level memberships (our supersponsors) can *only*
    register online. Pharaoh members will have a special dinner and be
    invited on board our exclusive Guest of Honor yacht trip on the Pacific

    To register to attend Antheria online, follow this link...

    CALLING ALL FURSUITERS! We would like to invite you to register for
    Antheria's Furry Variety Show. We'd love to see you shaking your stuff
    and showing off your suits for a crowd. For details and to register to
    perform an act, go here... http://www.antheria.org/variety_show.php

    We are also looking for conbook submissions. If you're an artist or
    writer and you'd like to share your work with other Antherians, you can
    submit your work to the conbook director by going to this page...

    Remember, the theme this year is Egyptian Underworld.

    LASTLY - If you're a DJ and want to spin at Antheria this year, send a 1hr Demo Mix to [antherians@gmail.com] Spin what YOU Enjoy - Show us all what you can do! We want creativity!

    We look forward to seeing you again this year at our new Crowne Plaza
    hotel in Redondo Beach, September 30 - October 2!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on our web
    site at http://www.antheria.org/contact.php

    We'll see you on the beach!
    8th-Aug-2011 04:27 am - An introduction!
    Hello to all my fellow SoCal dwelling furs! I've decided to stop being a lurker and actually make a post!  I'm from Riverside county near Lake Elsinore. Anyone else hail from here? I'd like to meet everyone, don't be shy, say hi!
    25th-Jul-2011 03:46 pm - Furry Beach?
    Hello, all,

    A non-SoCal fur here, popping in to ask a question. Does anyone know if this convention ("Furry Beach") is legitimate?

    It's a convention on the beach in Oceanside, CA, supposedly going since 2009. Various aspects scream "scamming people for registration fees" though... the lack of any staff names... the list of attendees that doesn't have anyone using a typical "fur name"... and especially the fact that Google's image search reveals that *all* the photos on the site (including those of "past events") have been pinched from other websites.
    > Sept. 1st is the deadline for SuperSponsor (Pharaoh) Reg. (Which includes a Yacht Trip with our GOH!)
    ---> You'll have to nab it NOW though, SuperSponsor (Pharaoh) Memberships will NOT be available at the door!

    > Uncle Kage will return to Antheria for his ONLY appearance on the West Coast this year!
    + 2 The Ranting Gryphon will take the stage once again! (Much to the dismay of young children everywhere.)

    > We still have some Dealer Tables Available - But they are going fast!


    Tang-Jun ( Of ornamentmagazine.com ) wrote up an impressive Con Report for ANTHERIA 2010! Thank You!

    More Events and Info will be injected into your brain over the following weeks leading up to ConTime!

    A. Husky Me.
    RainFurrest 2011 Newsletter Volume Two
    In This Newsletter...

  • First Annual Kick Off BBQ
  • Guinness Book of World Records Run
  • Guest of Honor Update
  • Charity
  • Hotel Notes
  • Artists Wanted
  • Staffers Wanted
  • RainFurrest Conbook Submissions
  • Arists Alley and Art Show

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    31st-May-2011 09:28 pm - Aussie Furs coming to the USA
    Hey guys
    CynWolfe here, Aussie fur (Arctic Wolf(e)) and chairman of Australia's premier furry convention, MiDFur.

    I'm coming over to the USA next week for AC, but will be stopping off in LA for a couple of days (9th til 13th)

    As part of the con I run, we have a "Furry Hall Of Fame", which, this year, sees us inducting a local CaliFur (Fred Patten)
    I will be visiting with Fred, but require some assistance from anyone who might be able to offer it, in the way of a "Camera Crew"
    We wish to plan the induction of Fred, so that we can play a special video during the official ceremony at MiDFur this year, but as I'm from Australia, finding locals who might be able to assist is proving to be quite difficult

    If anyone has a video camera, and might be in a position to come along to our meeting with Fred, we would love you very much... as it will help us make a special moment that much more special for Fred

    If you are able to assist me, please shoot me a message on here, or email Chairman@midfur.com.au

    30th-May-2011 09:44 pm - Swans in SoCal?
    Hi hi ^^ I'm just a swan girl living in SoCal. I'm only just joining the furry community, really I'm more of a therian, and, this is an out of the way question I know but, I can't really find a good SoCal birds community or general SoCal community for asking, and, I thought you might know so... does anyone know, where I can find swans in SoCal? Pond or river or local area that has them? I am really feeling a need to go and spend time with them. I think it's not likely, they prefer Northern California I know but, it's hard for me to travel right now ;-;

    I'm also interested in meeting up some times so, it's good for me to get to knowing this community anyway, sorry if it is a weird question m(_ _)m

    Also, sorry my Livejournal name is very strange, I first got this I didn't think I'd be using the Livejournal a lot, I only really use Dreamwidth, so... now I'm on a lot of communities with a very strange name ^^ But, you can call me hakuchou.
    Info for Audience, Participants, and Stage Zombies can be found here:

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