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Southern California Furs
FurBQ 2012 May 19th! 
14th-Apr-2012 07:29 pm
Location: Irvine Regional Park
Street: 1 Irvine Park Road
City/State/Zip: Orange, CA 92862
Phone: (714)973-6835
Date: Saturday May 19, 2012
Time: All Day
Road City/State/Zip: Orange, CA 92862 Phone: (714)973-6835 Parking: $5 a car.

Park Info Page: http://www.ocparks.com/irvinepark/default.asp?Show=Introduction

When you get in, hang a right after paying your parking fee and there should be some signs set up on the display boards along the road that point to where we are. We will steak our claim at the traditional spot, between Parking Lots 9 and 10 as shown on the park brochure, which can be seen here:


Show up whenever, we stay from park opening until park closing. If you want to wait until just before you get there to pick up food, the nearest supermarket is the Albertsons on Chapman & Jamboree.

This is a Pot-Luck event, feel free to bring whatever foodstuffs you would like to share with the group! The area has one large cooking grill, however if anyone is able to bring a second grill, please do so. We never seem to have problems with variety: Hamburgers and Hot Dogs are the traditional favorites, Some enjoy bringing Sushi and other ethnic tastes too. Vegetarian foodstuffs are always welcome! As always, Please Bring Trash Bags! As large as a group as we are, we would like to make sure that the MOOP (Matter Out Of Place, aka TRASH) is properly collected and disposed of, which will keep the park officials happy with us.

ICE ICE, BABY! Yes, we dont need enough ice to build an igloo come morning but we sure need to have ice supplied throughout the day. So, if you are coming to the FurBQ later on, it wont hurt to grab a bag of ice on the way in. The more this small act happens, the more we can guarantee that your food will remain cold. Also, be sure to keep all private coolers out of the cooking area. Coolers of any kind in the cooking area will be appropriated for communal food storage.
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