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Southern California Furs
SoCal Fall FurBQ Poll (Extended Voting) 
26th-Sep-2015 11:20 am
Greetings, SoCalFurs!

We suddenly realized this morning, that we made a horrible gaffe regarding our announcement of the poll's creation, done earlier in the  month. When we initially put the poll up, we somehow missed announcing it to the SoCalFurs and SoCalFurs Events Yahoo groups, And this Livejournal community.

To remedy this, we have re-opened the poll, extending it to the 30th to give you a chance to have your say.


(There is no need to share this as the other networks have already voted)


Its recognized a lot of people on this group dont normally go to our website and may just use this discussion board as the only source that they need for finding out what is going on and forming conversations with others. So, with us not announcing it to you guys when the poll first opened, its created a significant difference in our voting numbers (~30-40 total votes for this poll so far.... vs the Spring event's typical vote count of 100+)

We sincerely apologize for this oversight and hope to see more votes.

-Kat and Stego
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