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Southern California Furs
SoCalFurs FurBQ 2014 
29th-Mar-2014 10:25 am
From SoCalFurs.com:

When: Back to Calendar May 17, 2014 @ 6:00 am - 9:00 pm
Where: Irvine Regional Park
1 Irvine Park Road
Orange,CA 92869

Map to Location

That’s right, it’s time for the 16th annual SoCalFurs FurBQ! This event is all about the SoCalFurs community coming together for food, merriment and spending a chill day outdoors with friends –old and new. It’s One of the largest informal gatherings of furs in the Southern California region, and a great way to meet Southern California furs (and a few others who come to visit) from all over. This is a fursuit-friendly event, so by all means, bring your toughest fursuit feet out and come play!

Irvine Regional Park has a number of activities within. This includes a lake with paddleboats, the Irvine Park Railroad, the OC Zoo ($2/person) and even some hiking trails near to our picnic area. For additional info specific to Irvine Regional Park, feel free to view the park brochure. By phone, Irvine Regional Park can be reached at (714) 973-6835 or (714) 973-3173

How to Get to Our Picnic Area: When you get in, hang a right after paying at the gate. There should be some signs set up on the display boards along the road that point to our event. We will ‘steak’ our claim at the traditional spot, between Parking Lots 9 and 10 (Shown towards the bottom of the park map.as P9 & P10. )

Crowd The SoCalFurBQ is a potluck event. Over 100 furs attend throughout the day so we encourage everyone to consider bringing a food item to share with everyone else. Our picnic area has one large cooking grill, but we have no problem bringing an extra grill for placement in the barbecue area. We never seem to have problems with variety: Hamburgers and Hot Dogs are the traditional favorites but vegetarian items are always welcome! Others enjoy bringing sushi and other ethnic foods. If you want to wait until just before you get there to pick up food, the nearest supermarket is the Albertsons on Chapman & Jamboree.

ICE ICE, BABY! Yes, we don’t need enough ice to build an igloo come morning but we sure need to have ice supplied throughout the day. So, if you are coming to the FurBQ later on, it wont hurt to grab a bag of ice on the way in. The more this small act happens, the more we can guarantee that your food will remain cold.

Be sure to keep all private coolers out of the cooking area. Coolers of any kind in the cooking area will be appropriated for communal food storage.
If you are bringing meat for the grill, please notify our team of grillmasters as meat products will be stored together in a cooler separate from the others.

For the safety of those whom are allergic, Please: NO FISH PRODUCTS OR PRODUCT WITH PEANUTS! FurBQ staff will not allow any fish or seafood products to be placed on the communal grills.

Mayonnaise must be in single-serving packets. We understand how this may create more trash but we do not want jars of mayo at this event. Mayo in the jar tends to go bad very quickly (cooler or not) while it sits out in the open.

Additionally, consider the following things when planning for this event:

Fursuiting is encouraged but please note that we do not provide a changing area. From previous experience, it is possible that someone will bring an Easy Up structure for people to change with but this is not a guarantee. If you have such a structure, feel free to let us know
All Four-legged attendees must be on a leash.

All parked vehicles must be completely inside a designated parking space: If you need to temporarily double-park to unload, please leave someone with the vehicle.

There is NO in-and-out privileges with your parking permit: Please arrange with friends to bring in additional items if you find you need something, or consider riding a bike to the store.

We stay from park opening until park closing. As always, Please Bring Trash Bags! As large as a group as we are, we would like to make sure that the MOOP (Matter Out Of Place, aka TRASH) is properly collected and disposed of, which will keep the park officials happy with us.
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